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Shipping, Returns, and Payments


Your order that is placed prior to or within one day of picture day will be shipped to the school to be sent home to you.  If you are placing an order for additional prints, ordering late, or from previous school years there is a $10 processing fee that also covers shipping to the school or to an address of choice.


Your satisfaction is always guaranteed with SCH Photo. You may have a full refund or a retake. Many schools schedule a make-up day. Please check with your school a couple of weeks after the original picture day to see if a  make-up day has been scheduled.


On registration day we accept cash, credit/debit card, and check.

On picture day we accept cash and check inside order forms sent home.

Online or by phone we accept all major credit cards. 

Please call our offices at (913) 384-9126 if you need assistance with payment.

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