Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear for my school portrait?
We recommend you choose a favorite, colorful shirt, blouse, or sweater. Try to avoid solid white as it can sometimes call attention to itself and distract from your great smile. Also, any wording or bold designs can also call attention to itself. We want the focus to be on YOU!
Can I write one check for two children?
Yes. You MUST use a separate order envelope for each student. When paying for more than one student in your family, you may place full payment in one envelope, but you MUST complete an order envelope for each student. Please note your payment arrangements on each student's envelope.
We forgot to send our order envelope . . . can we still order?
Yes. For Fall Individual Portraits at most schools, all students who are present on picture day are photographed. Just go to our Order Your Pictures Online page and follow the instructions for ordering. You may order for up to two business days after picture day at our regular prices, at which time we will place all “original” orders at our processing lab. Orders submitted to us after this are “late orders”, for which there will be a special handling charge as well as a delay in service time.

If you do not have a charge card (required for ordering online), you may call our office to make other arrangements. Greater Kansas City 913.384.9126, Omaha 402.342.6599, or Toll Free 800.388.9126.

DO NOT SEND YOUR ORDER TO SCHOOL AFTER PICTURE DAY. Orders after picture day must be made online or phoned in to our office – not given to your child’s teacher nor your school’s office. Your school does not want to deal with orders after picture day.

Of course you may also choose to wait until School Portrait make-up day, at which time your child can be photographed — and you may order from the pose taken on make-up day.
What background will you be using this Fall?
For our individual school portraits this Fall, we will be using the background shown on our home page. It is attractive for a range of ages, from little people to adults, and goes well with just about any color shirt, sweater, or outfit you may choose.
When will we receive pictures?
Our normal service time is three to four weeks. The school picture industry is sort of like rush hour in a busy city. You might be able to drive 55 on the highway when it is not busy, but during rush hour your travel time is controlled by the amount of traffic going the same direction you're going. Most school portraits in the USA are taken and delivered from late August through mid November, creating a busy "rush hour" at the processing labs.
What if I do not like my pictures?
Your satisfaction is always guaranteed with Scholastic Photography. You may have a full refund, or as most prefer, a retake. Most schools schedule a retake and make-up day after the original picture day portraits have been delivered to you. Check with your school a couple of weeks after the original picture day to see if a retake and make-up day has been scheduled.
What if I'm absent on picture day?
We'll be returning to your school for retakes and make-ups. This day is for anyone who is not satisfied with pictures, missed picture day, or is new at school since pictures were taken.
We really like our pictures – can we order more?
Certainly. There is an order form inside your portrait delivery envelope.
What is the difference between Basic Retouching and Deluxe Retouching?
Basic Retouching removes major blemishes, scratches, and scrapes on the face and neck.

Deluxe Retouching does everything Basic Retouching does, and in addition it smooths and softens the skin, whitens teeth, and enhances the overall look of your portraits.

Please note that neither Retouching option will reduce swelling, nor remove stray hair. If for instance, you get a black eye with accompanying swelling right before picture day, you would be well advised to wait to be photographed until retake day.
Can I order "Add-Ons" only?
Yes. We are one of the only companies who allow this. You may order as few as one Add-On item. We even have a “Build Your Own Package” where you order four “sheets” to create your own assortment. A sheet is one - 8 x 10, or two - 5 x 7’s, or four - 3.5 x 5’s, or eight - 2.5 x 3.5 wallet size, or sixteen - 1.25 x 1.75 Exchange Size.
Can I copy or scan my child's school pictures?
Respectfully, no. Copyright laws clearly protect the "maker" of professionally produced portraits, and it is unlawful to copy, scan, or otherwise reproduce our, or any other company's, school portraits. If you want to use a school picture we made for you on a cake, or a belt buckle for instance, call us and we can give you permission for specific products like those. However, we do offer, as an add-on, the opportunity to purchase a student image CD - with a full-resolution student picture and a release which gives permission to reproduce the image. Also included on this CD are some interactive uses of the accompanying student image.