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Fall Posing Guide

School Portraits

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Students and Staff are photographed the same way.  Face your subject to your Main Light.  Instruct your subject to sit on the seat fully - taller subjects who's feet reach the stools should have both feet flat on the stools, very tall subjects may put their left foot on the floor and leave their right foot on the stools, in the case of small subjects their feet may not touch the stools and this is fine, simply make sure they are seated fully on the seat and their legs dangle with the natural bend of their knees.  Subjects should also have their hands relaxed on their thighs (not on their knees!), sit up straight, with relaxed shoulders turned toward the Main Light, with their face turned back to the camera, and a pleasant expression or smile. When sitting many individuals tend to tilt their head to the right instead of having their head "on straight".  Instruct them to tilt their head to the left slightly

SD Poses

** In the field you will hear both School Portraits and School Day used.  This is the same session. **

NOTE:  Some schools offer a Fall Proof Plan (FAPP) for their picture session.  This is treated the same way as a normal School Portrait (SP) session, except you should take 2 to 3 (check the contract) good expressions rather than just one.  For example: A big smile and a small smile. 

8th Grade and SeniorProof Plan


These Seniors are wearing Tux and Drapes provided by SCH Photo, not all schools elect to use these in their Senior Proof Plans (SRPP)


These Seniors are wearing their Cap and Gowns, however these are still treated as Senior Proof Plans (SRPP). 

Seniors and 8th Graders should be photographed in 3 poses with good expressions - one with knees toward the main light and two cross-body with knees toward the fill light. 

PP Poses

NOTE:  Senior Proof Plans are different sessions than Graduation Memory Mate sessions, which are generally done in the spring.  If you feel confused about which type of session you are photographing ask your lead photographer!  Some schools prefer their own formal wear instead of tux and drape or cap and gown. Regardless of what the seniors are wearing, they are photographed the same way for Senior Proof Plans.

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